Manchester United Twitter account defends Jose Mourinho in Marcus Rashford row

Manchester United have used their official Twitter account to come to the defence of Jose Mourinho in the row over his use of Marcus Rashford.

The Portuguese coach has come under fire since the turn of the year for the lack of game time handed to his young striker.

Prior to the weekend, when he scored twice against Liverpool, Rashford hadn’t started a single Premier League game in 2018.

Among the critics was Frank de Boer who said it was a pity Rashford was managed by Mourinho.

What De Boer said…

‘It’s a pity that the manager is Mourinho because normally he’s an English player you want to give him time and he can then make mistakes. But Mourinho is not like that. He wants to get results

‘If he has one or two not good games, he puts him out. He’s a player, he’s very young, he needs games, but he’s so talented. You want to see this player every week.’

Mourinho couldn’t resist hitting back at those comments, with the Manchester United manager called the former Crystal Palace boss the ‘worst manager in the history of the Premier League.’

‘If you go to his numbers and how many games he played with me I would say he was in the top five with more matches for two season and applies to Scott [McTominay] the best thing to happen is to have experience,’ said Mourinho.

‘Marcus is having these experiences. I’m really happy too. He plays for United many matches, he starts some comes from the bench for others.

‘I am really pleased with everything. Does he play every match from the start? No? Of course not. He’s a player we trust.

‘Not many were expecting you to start against Liverpool and he had a good match not just about scoring goals. I’m really happy with Marcus.’

Manchester United’s Twitter account has now backed up Mourinho’s comments by highlighting that Rashford has played in more games under Mourinho than any other player.

It points out he’s played in 93 matches, 12 more than goalkeeper David De Gea.

Debate over?