What Sir Alex Ferguson did to Lingard instead of telling him off was brilliant

Man Utd player Jesse Lingard never played under Sir Alex Ferguson but he certainly got to know him at Carrington.

Jesse Lingard has revealed that Sir Alex Ferguson used to ‘randomly’ give him a clip around the ear at Carrington when he was a youngster.

The United midfielder never made a first-team appearance under Sir Alex but the Scot predicted a big future for Lingard back in 2012 when he compared him to Jean Tigana.

Sir Alex also claimed that Lingard would be a late developer and would come of age at 22 – and he was not far off at all.

After several loan spells in the Championship, Lingard eventually got his chance under Louis van Gaal and never looked back – going on to make 150 appearances for United, winning four trophies and playing for England at the World Cup.

It seems a world away from those early days at United as Lingard detailed in an interview with Soccer AM presenter Tubes when asked about his first telling off.

Lingard: “I didn’t really get told off. Sir Alex used to just clip me randomly in the corridor. Just clip me around the ear.”

Tubes: “Sir Alex would give you a drive by?!”

Lingard: “Drive by clip.”

Tubes: “That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?”

Lingard: “It’s hard, though! Hard! I was only young. Small head when I was young. ‘You been good?'”

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